The Challenge:

ASH Elements is a startup LLC founded in 2017 to address the growing problems presented by coal ash drainage basins across the U.S.

In America today, there are over 1300 coal-fired power plants, which generate over 130 million tons of coal ash waste annually. This toxic, hazardous waste presents numerous problems, financially, logistically, and most of all, environmentally. The damage that coal ash waste can and has caused to waterways, groundwater systems, and the surrounding environments is vast. 

The Process:

The mission of ASH Elements is to turn an unattractive liability into a viable environmentally responsible asset. This asset will be made available to the block-chain community and in doing so add value in many dimensions to our collective future. 

The Strategy:

ASH Elements is an Asset Backed Token (ABT) that captures the value of rare earth minerals in coal ash in the form of mineral rights. These mineral rights for premium coal ash basins are secured by a holding company, through which mining or refining company can redeem ASH Tokens for rare-earth mineral rights to particular sites under contract. Each ASH Token is contractually tied to 1 metric ton of fly ash.

The Solution:

At launch, the initial offering to test the market will be a couple of million tons of High REE coal ash Coal Ash from an east coast Ash Basin. As additional Ash reserves are added to the Ash Elements stockpile, the companies who control the Ash will be compensated with Tokens that they can use for revenue, and environmental cleanup. A percentage of tokens, at signing, will be used by Ash Elements for operating expenses to grow the Ash basin stockpile. This percentage will be terminated when the token cap is reached.

There will be a cap of 1 Billion Metric Tons of the Ash Elements Strategic Reserves and associated tokens.

Ash Elements serves as a broker for a flat fee of 7% of additional ash added to the reserve.  These cost will cover the prospecting of new ash basins, including site visits, core sampling, lab analysis, legal contracts, auditing, and IT development. As the Ash Elements reserve increases, the total value over time increases as well as liquidity due to the size of the market. This makes Ash Elements unique among cryptocurrencies. High quality REE/REM Ash reserves of Coal Ash will hold value virtually indefinitely.